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Regenerative Agriculture practices at work across a fence line. Photos taken 3 days after a 1.5in rainfall. Left side is a field that has been in conventional chemical-tillage system with corn/soybean rotation for past 30yrs. Right side is a field that has been in a Regenerative Organic field...

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Diverse Cover Crop mix seeded last September in preparation for this year's organic corn. The overwintering plants are a mix of Red Clover, Crimson Clover, Survivor Winter Peas, and volunteer winter wheat. Keeping green growing plants on the field is a key principle of #Regenerative agricult...

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Sof Red Winter Wheat
Organic Transition Wheat seeded in fall 2021. Naturally grown. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
Immediate availability. Suitable for feed, craft distilleries, flour
Test Weight 57.7 lb/bu
Falling number 323 seconds
Vomitoxin below detection thresholds

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New Crop 2022 Organic certified Hazlet open pollinated cereal rye. Immediate availability. Suitable for seed and craft distilleries.
Test weight 53.9 lb/bu
Falling Number 247 seconds
Vomitoxin 0.4 ppm

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Catching up on some of the activities this year. The wheat grew very well and we were able to harvest in July.

Regenerative principles at work - keep the soil covered and keep plants growing.
Here's another field in process of waking up. Last year it was soybeans planted into roller crimped cereal rye. The 4 inch thick light gray mat of crimped cereal rye armor protecting the soil surface. Ever d...

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An update on the organic cereal rye field. I was out there yesterday and took another photo across the field. Not that much to look at right now as the snow and ice just melted. Even so the rye is still green and growing. In a month the field will be covered in green.
We also had anothe...

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A long overdue post from last December... Always working to keep something green and growing on the fields. Plants convert sunlight to carbohydrates that the roots feed to the soil biology and in the process remove CO2 from the atmosphere.
Never too late to seed cereal rye. Following soybean ...

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2 years ago
- Dirk L

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Growing Organic and Non-GMO grains following regenerative agricultural practices.  Focused on soil health and increasing soils organic matter.  

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